Mortgage Re-finance Insights suite.

Our Mortgage Re-Finance Decisioning Insights Suite includes our full income module covering multiple credit sources and employment types, all of which can be configured to the specific needs of each lender we work with. Frequency and reliability insights of main and secondary income streams are also utilised to interrogate credit stability and regularity.

A range of pre-built conditional expense insights are also included covering behavioural based indicators across fixed and variable debit groups and key responsible lending areas.

Our Re-Finance configuration enables any combination of data sets from multiple applicants, multiple institutions and multiple accounts to be combined seamlessly into a single set of decisioning insights for quicker and more efficient processing outcomes. This includes joint accounts and related transfer activities.

A sample of some of the pre built, out of the box Insights in our Mortgage Re-finance Analytics Suite are outlined below

Sample Income Insights

  • Multiple verified income sources with full trend and pattern analysis

  • Dynamic Credits – Frequencies and Ratios.

  • Single consolidated view of multiple applicants, banks, accounts and product data sets

  • Non regular income analysis

  • Fully configurable conditional mapping of all income streams

  • Joint Account income identification and verification

  • Stability, frequency and reliability of all credit sources

Sample Expense Insights

  • Full expense analysis including related transfers and de-duplication

  • Undisclosed liabilities and other accounts

  • Responsible lending red flags with conditional filters

  • Time based Net Monthly Position / serviceability and affordability