About us

We provide market-leading data solutions to the financial services industry.

Our goal is to revolutionise the way consumers engage with their Financial Service Providers by offering technology that captures, verifies, categorises, refines and enriches customer financial data securely and in real-time.

Our technology helps lenders and institutions to speed up their processes, minimize their risks, remain compliant with regulatory requirements, and access rich insights into their customer’s financial profile and behaviour. These efficiency savings enable them to offer their consumers the most relevant products or services at the best possible price.

By allowing consumers to share their real-time financial profile quickly, effortlessly, and securely, we ensure that they get instant credit decisions at better rates.

Our brand promise

Everything we do is guided by our brand promise: Security, Privacy and Compliance.

We will not compromise on:

  1. Operating to the highest level of security
  2. Maintaining consumers privacy at all times
  3. Assisting our clients to meet and exceed their regulatory compliance standards

Our team

Dean Hawkins



Alexander Lloyd-Jones

Head of Finance


Marcus Cann



John Spellman

Head of UK


Mike Page

Head of Australia & NZ