Bank Switch Insights suite.

Switching account information from one banking provider to another is often cited as painful, cumbersome and time consuming for the customer and a key blocker for financial service providers to acquire new users. Our Bank Switch Insights enable a seamless and low friction service to be offered to solve these issues.

Switch Insights capture the full range of customer account and payment data sets from the old provider and instantly integrate them into the core banking system of the new bank. Customers can then immediately use their new account for payments, transfers and all day to day activities.

A sample of some of the pre built, out of the box Insights in our Bank Switch Analytics Suite are outlined below

Sample Insights

  • Billers – Extract and import of all Biller account data across multiple accounts

  • Payees – all Payees grouped and de-duplicated including nick names and full account details

  • Scheduled Credits – Descriptive analysis of regular credits such as salary.

  • Scheduled Payments – Past and future scheduled payments data analysis

  • Direct Debits – All Direct Debit data extracted and presented to customer for further action