Hardship Assistance Insights suite.

Our Hardship Insights suite, including our Mortgage Stress Predictor (MSP) provide critical predictive and descriptive analytics to assist in the proactive prevention, assessment and review of customer vulnerability and hardship cases using real time data and actual transaction behaviour.

Income patterns are fully interrogated to provide time-based predictions and insights across all credit streams. Our Net Monthly Position insight can predict and verify changes to income streams including loss of regular income, and receipt of Government support payments. It can also predict household impacts of inflationary cost of living increases and significant mortgage repayment changes. Our predictive insights can enable preventative ‘next best actions’ to be taken before hardship or default occurs.

These insights enable a personalised hardship solution to be developed for each customer based on their individual circumstances and financial situation.

A sample of some of the pre built, out of the box Insights in our Hardship Assistance Analytics Suite are outlined below

Sample Income Insights

  • Single consolidated view of multiple applicants, banks, accounts and product data sets

  • Multiple verified income sources with full trend and pattern analysis

  • Non regular income analysis

  • Fully configurable conditional mapping of all income streams

Joint Account income identification and verification

Sample Expense Insights

  • Full expense analysis including related transfers and de-duplication

  • Responsible lending red flags with conditional filters

  • Time based Net Monthly Position / serviceability and affordability

  • Irregular ‘one off’ payments across all expense areas

  • Multi recurring expenditure groups with full pattern analysis